Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing, LLC. is a complete gunsmithing and firearms safety training company with over 30 years of experiance.

Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing, LLC.

Firearms are a mechanical device that is full of small moving parts. When yose parts become worn they bend or brake. With 30 years of firearm service we have seen just about everything and can properly diagnose and repair any problem.


Scope Mounting or blueprinting and custom rifles, this is where you will find our services

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Custom Muzzlebrakes will tame the beast in you favorite firearn weather it is a rifle, revolver, or pistol

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Shooting courses

Beginning or advanced shooters will benifit from our many shooting courses

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Kids Events

Free Kids Cannon Shoot, Kids Topshot and Exploding Target Shoot, or events for the kids to get outdoors.

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