Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing, LLC. is a complete gunsmithing and firearms safety training company with over 30 years of experiance.

Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing, LLC.

Custom Muzzlebrakes, binary triggers, custom barrels, custom firearms or firearm and firearm parts sales. At Wyoming Mountaineers Gunsmithing we can fill all your firearm needs..

Custom Muzzlebrakes

A Custom Muzzlebrake will tame your beast and increase accuracy. Our brake designs are ballanced to your firearm and feature muzzle lift control holes. Sholder, Neck, or Back injuries are no challenge for us, we can design a brake for your needs.

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Custom Firearm Parts

Custom Barrels, stocks, triggers, bolts, or any part on a firearm can be ordered, with quality and customer satifaction in mind.

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Stocks made to order

Stocks can be custom made in our shop, manufactured stocks installed, glass bedding, or fitting. Often your original stock can be repaired and restored.

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When accuracy counts a properly blueprinted firearm can take your old favorite and turn it into a long range masterpiece.

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