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Tsar Bombarda

Free Kids Cannon Shoot

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August 17th, 2019

Rusty Buffalo Gun Range

86 Coyote Trail Road

Gillette, WY  82716



   From 3 to 18, kids of all ages have a blast at the annual Free Kids Cannon Shoot. Held every year at the Rusty Buffalo Gun Range this fun and educational event is true family fun where kids get to learn to load, aim, and fire real cannons and mortars. With over 96 cannons and mortars there are plenty for all, and every year we add a new cannon or two. Last year it was the ever popular Pirate Cannon, this year it is going to be no different and the excitement will be even bigger. With a massive barrel of 12 inches in diameter and 56 inches long the scale model of the massive Tsar Bombarda in Moscow Russia will blast bowling balls through the air to the target with a humongous boom and a sun blocking cloud of smoke. The earth will shake and smiles will never end. What a story to return to school with after a summer that is simply too short.
   Come Join us August 17th, at the Rusty Buffalo Gun Range, Bring the whole family for fun and games that will never be forgotten.








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Volunteers needed. Adults 18 and up needed to help kids with the Cannons, loading, aiming, and firing. Remember, the O NLY way you can help a child shoot is to be able you can shoot yourself so helpers get to shoot all the cannons during training !! Please call (307)299-2084 to volunteer.